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Here is an absolutely amazing story form one of our Preferred Photographer Partners in Connecticut. How cool is this!

One of my clients is the High School Football Coach at our local High School. He also teaches Health among other things there during the day. In his Health Classroom, he hung 3 Football Action Wallhogs he ordered through me that were 7' tall and made of your PhotoTex material. One day upon entering the classroom one morning, he discovered the middle cling was missing from the wall - and he ultimately found it rolled up in a ball in the garbage. A disgruntled student with an axe to grind against the kid who was peeled off was the culprit. Anyway, after unrolling the Wallhog, he put it back up on the painted cinderblock wall in its previous spot, and it stuck with no problems at all. Additionally, once smoothed out, there is not a wrinkle or tear in the entire cling. You can't even tell the thing was ever removed or rolled into a ball. The material is fantastic! Just wanted to share this story with you. Keep up the good work!

Kevin Pataky

foot_ball This example of how one of our customers, Dan Clawson, used Wallhogs to decorate his office. His comment was:

My office… love your stuff!

Dan Clawson

Cafe_store This outstanding design was submitted by one of our corporate customers, Davalicious Chocolate! in Brooklyn, New York on Warren St. Owner, Jackie Gordon, used Wallhogs Photo-Tex material for several of her menus, as well as this window decal. Jackie wrote:

People stop everyday and photograph the Wall Hog of the lady in the bathtub full of chocolate on the window of my store.  I also used them for the outdoor menus that you can't see in this picture and the indoor menus too.   I am huge fan!

Jackie Gordon

Comments from one of our customers, Patrick Douglas, who had a little league logo produced on our reusable Photo-Tex material. The image was to be installed on a garage door.

WOW… the Logo’s turned out awesome!  The 6ft round is incredible. (Will send before and after pics). I can’t wait to see the 5ft Ball player hogs! Thanks for an awesome product!

 C. Patrick Douglas

patrick From customer Eric Varney in New York:

My son Ethan posing with his Wallhog. LOVE your company and the many possibilities that Wallhogs offer!

Eric Varney

falcons This comment and image come from one of our Preferred Photographer Partners, Tony Alt, in Tampa Florida:

A local restaurant that supports our team, The Oldsmar Falcons, put up this WallHog of my son Hunter in their dining area right next to a FatHead of Cadillac Williams. You guys do great work. All of my customers who ordered a WallHog are very happy with them.

Tony Alt

Comment from customer about Christmas gift:

Hey you guys, You need to know:

That "wallhog " of Daisy (dog) you produced for me (for my favorite - only have one - daughter's Christmas was only FANTASTIC). She simply loves it. What a great product! Super work. Many thanks and best wishes

Jack Majesky

truck_stuff This comment and image come from one of our partners for who we produce all graphics and signs for their chain of retail convenience stores:

All of the signs you've produced for us are perfect. Here is the newest one installed. We have several more stores opening next year and will be using Wallhogs for all of our signage needs.
Julie Kent

From a customer that owns a karate dojo where we produced their logo at lifesize for display on their wall:

Thank you very much! That will work great for us, and I really appreciate it.

We get a lot of people coming through our karate academy, and every time someone comments on the murals in our dojo I tell them your company printed them, and how happy we are with the quality. I hope it brings you much business!


marketing_car This recently was sent to us by one of our Preferred Photographer Partners who decided to utilize our Photo-Tex material for marketing purposes:

As promised here are some photos of my truck with the graphics in place, it really looks great and a lot of people are looking and some are starting to ask questions, yee haw!  We will be adding more as well as changing some of them out so people will see how easy they are to remove.  Thanks again and will be in touch really soon.   Lynn Moon

From a satisfied customer who needed to have her print in time for a birthday:


I received my order on Thursday May 14th. Just in time for his birthday. It was a big hit. He loved it. Expect more orders from my friends, they thought I was a great idea. Thanks for getting the order to me in record time! Kristi

Following are numerous comments from our customers over the past six years:

I ordered 3 Photo-tex wallhogs recently.  I just want to say...AWESOME!  Better than what I expected!  They are a great hit at the school.  I will be placing yearly orders from now on.  What a fantastic gift to give seniors in their last year playing volleyball!  Great service on the phone when I called with questions and fabulous product!

Thanks again,
Michelle Thomas

Just wanted to say thanks for the terrific product and exceptional service. My son was thrilled with the result!

Kind Regards, Sandra

Dang you guys are quick! Thanks for all the great (and FAST) work everytime

I need it!

The print is up and on the wall!   Everyone is very impressed.   Looks GREAT!    Thanks so much for turning it around so quickly.   As soon as we get the others designed I’ll be sending them up to you for printing.    Hopefully very soon!
 Thanks again! Jennifer

Dear Wallhogs - I just wanted to send you a Thank you. We had our team football party this weekend and the kids and parents loved the wallhogs. I am in the process of picking out photos for our baseball team and will be uploading those to the FTP site this week.
Thank you again for such a great job!!
Christina Mahr

my order came in today. packaging, the prints themselves, colors all were fantastic and i was able to put it up without a hitch.

thanks again will definitely order with your team again

Wow! Thanks to Wallhogs, we are heroes, not zeros! We ordered five wallhogs from your company for the basketball moms of a local high school. Talk about pressure! Your company made our pictures shine and made five moms (and sons) REALLY happy. Thanks for bringing our photos to life! What a great product and we can't wait to work with your business again.  

Thanks for everything,
 Cheryl Earle

Just for the record - I love Wallhogs.

Regan Burke

just wanted to let you know that the 24 wallhogs that I ordered for my Joelton Vikings football team a few weeks ago was a HUGE success!!!  The boys are 11/12 years old and they went crazy over the wallhogs.   My son who is a senior had a fit over them and now I have placed an order to get him one.   I have one more left to order as soon as I get the picture in the right size.   Can't wait to see what I can order for them next year!!!! 
Thanks again!
Carla Collier
Team mom of the Joelton Vikings


I ordered a print from you about a month ago for my husband for Christmas.  I just wanted to thank you for the quality and your service.  It was a collage of pictures and I was concerned about the clarity when it was blown up, but it turned out great.  We will be using you for all our "big print" needs.  Thanks!