Autohogs New

Reusable Photo-Tex Installation


  1. Select an area large enough to display your Wallhog. The surface must be rigid and clean. Your Wallhog must be at room temperature prior to installing. Remove the Wallhog from shipping container and unroll. Let stand at room temperature for 30-45 minutes.
  2. Clean the area selected, using water only, to ensure no dirt or residue will adhere to the adhesive backing of your Wallhog. DO NOT USE SOAP OR ANY HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCT. Dry the surface thoroughly with a clean cloth and let stand for approximately 30 minutes to ensure the area is completely free from any moisture.
  3. The following steps are best performed by two people.
  4. Once your application area is prepared simply peel the Wallhog from the white paper backing. If your Wallhog is taller than wider, begin at the top and peel toward the bottom. If wider than taller, peel from right to left.
  5. Once your Wallhog has been completely peeled from the backing each of the two installers should hold one of the top corners. Place the Wallhog to the area you have selected to display it and press these corners to the wall. Do not concern yourself with the air-bubbles at this time. If the Wall-Hog sticks to itself, DO NOT PANIC, gently pull the two areas apart and re-apply.
  6. Beginning from center of Wallhog and using your hand, apply pressure and rub from center to outer edges to apply.
  7. Roll and store white paper backing in the shipping tube for future use in the event you decide to remove and store your Wallhog.